CHM is appointed as an authorized agent for the sale of RESCO to the Hydrocarbon Processing Industry (HPI) in Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam.
Resco supplies abrasion resistant lightweight and medium weight castables, shotcrete and gun mixes. Resco has built its worldwide reputation on products like Rescobond AA-22S and Rescocast 17EC/ Rescocast 17EG. Rescobond AA-22S is the standard for abrasion resistant linings in cyclones. Rescocast 17EC/ EG is the most widely specified abrasion resistant castable and Rescocast 9 Li is the best insulating castable in the industry. Brush Mix Dry is a dry material that when mixed with water is ideal for strengthening and repairing existing refractory lining surfaces. It can be applied up to 6mm thick providing increased refractory protection. Additional water can be added to adjust the consistency. It can be applied with a brush, trowel, rubber float, roller, etc. Brush Mix Dry is the best repairing material when you encountered cracks, voids and spalling.
AA22S with Hex-mesh
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Brush Mix Dry
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